We strive to provide very special Shizuoka teas to you. 	We deliver top quality teas at reasonable prices.

The Ōi River is one of the primary rivers of Japan. Plateaus in Shizuoka prefecture, called Kawane, Shimada and Makinohara are the production centers of top quality tea leaves which represent Shizuoka prefecture of Japan because of the gradations of chilly and warm weathers. Water drops generated by mist rising from the Ōi River and well harmonized gap between chilly and warm weather of day and night helps tea farmers to create the deep and strong tastes of Shizuoka tea.

We are producing tea leaves with 3 special spirits in mind in order to deliver fine Shizuoka tea made of taste-enhanced fresh leaves at affordable prices.

3 Things that Make Us Special
その1 こだわりの茶葉づくり。 その2 こだわりの美味しさと価格 その3 こだわりのお茶工場
#1. Making Our Own Tea Leaves #2. Our Special Tastes and Reasonable Prices #3. Our Special Tea Factory
Let's take a look at one of our tea plantations. It belongs to a "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award” winner - Mr. Seiichi Miura. …click here for more details Let us tell you the reason why we can provide our special Shizuoka teas at affordable prices. …Click here for more details Our factory is the centerpiece of our management innovation plan which is approved by the governor of Shizuoka prefecture. We are proud to introduce our factory. …Click here for more details