Our Effort

We are eager to give sales support to our corporate customers.

We propose top quality tea products with reasonable prices.

The quality of tea is highly depending upon the quality of fresh leaves of the year. However, various complex intermediate distributions could be another decisive factor to downgrade the qualities and to increase the prices. In cooperation with contracted farmers and contracted cooperative societies, we obtained a system which provides tea leaves of high quality at reasonable price.

We care about consumers' concerns – we secure food safety

At our company, we understand all the distribution processes of all the products that we handle. We keep all the records of all manufacturing that takes place in our factory. We provide safe Japanese tea with traceability secured.

Our sales support: 3 factors of our ability to provide valid proposals to our corporate customers

At our company, we provide valid and helpful proposals to suppliers with our sales support system. We propose suitable products by analyzing both business and nation-wide trends. We also analyze sales situations continuously so that we can conduct sales support by providing sales know-how and sharing products designs.

Let us tell you 3 key factors why we are capable of providing sales support.

Reason 1: Understanding our consumers’ feelings
~ We develop a plan to produce products that are highly demanded by the market ~
We accumulate market data and the data of the consumers' honest opinions obtained by our corporate business and mail-order business. So far we have learned from our customers that many of their demands for tea are “better taste”, “improvements of their health” and “affordability”. We search for the better ways to improve our teas and other products by applying the information.

Reason 2: Close relationships with our famers
We make products from scratch. First we make our tea leaves suitable for the new products and select the best leaves that match. We build a system to produce teas that suit the market. We strive to make top quality tea leaves by building close relationships with contracted farmers and unions and exchange information with each other.

Please visit “Our Farmers” page for more information.

Reason 3: Integrated production and direct shipping at our own vertically integrated factory
The conditions of tea leaves change every year. We decide the production methods with care by grasping every condition of tea leaves such as their “shapes,” “taste,” “flavors,” and “the colors.” We can flexibly change our production methods because of our incredible factory systems.
We can make our products affordable because of it. We are continually researching for better ways to make more satisfying products.

“Unit merchandising” connects our tea farms and product planning

Our cooperate customers often demand private brands. We plan and produce products based on the frank opinions of our customers and the marketing data we have accumulated. We then choose tea farmers and production methods that suit our need s with our new product design. We believe this is an ideal product manufacturing system. We implement a “unit merchandising” system which connects the consumers' unit with a producers' unit. This system is also out of our strength.

We believe that “unit merchandising” is ideal because it puts consumers and sellers closer together, and both of them will be able to visualize concrete product and sales images at a planning stage. Many companies that desire to make various private brands favor our product planning abilities and our production systems that match consumers' demands and create new products.

Please check and see with your eyes: feel the quality of our products.

We use tea component analyzers to compare and analyze data accumulated by our existing products and successful products of other companies. We made a visual aid for our customers to see and feel the taste of our excellent tea so that you can check our quality yourself.
You can also check the quality of our tea products by tasting. Our tea leaves provide promising taste. We are very proud to show you everything since we are confident of our work.

Want to develop your original brand of teas? Please rely on our product planning abilities.

We gain the trust of many companies because of our high trading performances.

We have business relationships with many companies for producing private brands together. They trust our strengths of product planning and our reliability of tastes that go well with new products. Both of which are the benefits of our unit merchandising. Those companies like the idea of seeing all the safe and reliable tea making process at our vertically integrated factory.

Product development with unique designs and trends in mind

We have been producing successful products by introducing unique package designs. Our designs are based upon consumer's demands and trends. The package designs can be simple, avant-garde or plain. We brainstorm thousands of things and design it in the way that most consumers in the market can understand the characteristics of the products.

We develop our tea merchandises as souvenir items as well:

We propose and plan our corporate customers' original products of Japanese tea which is highly demanded as souvenirs. We promise quick productions and deliveries by using our own management system and automatic packing machines. We also create our new tea as souvenir items that can correspond to our customers' various occasions at the time of celebrations.

Looking towards our future, we contribute to our society and educate our consumers.

Our primary job is to develop products but it's not everything we do. We started a non-profit organization - “Cha Shokuiku wo Susumeru Kai” (Association to Promote Tea and Nutrition Education) to contribute to our society and to the education of our consumers. We are hoping that many people will understand the benefits and values of tea. We would like to urge people to recognize and appreciate Japanese culture and its value in the world. We believe that our actions can expand the market to the next generation.

Our social responsibilities for the next generation - our actions to preserve a healthy earth and environment

We started taking action to protect the earth environment as a part of our social responsibility to our next generation and of contribution to our societies and regions. We installed solar panels, 191 units, on the top roof of our company, which generate electricity of about 49,000 kwh a year. Our solar panels can cover about 1,000 fluorescent lights at maximum instantaneous output.